Setup Instructions for Pied Piper TV box

First connect your box to your tv using the provided HDMI cable.

Next connect your box to your modem using an ethernet cable (not provided). This is the preferred option for best performance.

If you have to use WiFi you will need to connect your device to your WiFi network as follows:  (we also have a video on this.  Click link above).

Click the square icon (looks like a Rubik cube) in the top right corner of the screen.

Scroll down to Settings and then click Network and then click WiFi and connect to your service.

The better your internet speed the better the Android box will work (we recommend 50 mbps and up). Plugging the box directly into your router with an ethernet cable is preferred. Remember you are streaming so unlimited data is necessary.

Whenever you experience problems it is almost always your internet especially if you are on WiFi.

Important note: you need to remember that the Android box is a computer not a tv. With tv’s you just turn them off. Not so with computers. When you are finished with an application shut it down like you would an application on a computer. Instructions for this are in the notes below.


Your Pied Piper box comes with a tv remote, and there are upgrade remotes that have use blue tooth devices that plug into the side of your TV box.  If your remote does not have a blue tooth usb plug in, then you have a basic unit.  To get the mouse to come on, you hold down the button that has a mouse picture on it.  Watch the videos to see where this is.  If you want to move the mouse faster, you can buy an air mouse with a keyboard on the flip side through Amazon.  An air mouse moves by either the left right buttons or by just waving your arm around in the "air"  In either case, whatever remote you have, you will have to hold down the mouse button for 5 seconds to make the mouse appear, and later, you have to hold down the mouse button to make it disappear.  Some selections on your tv box may require a mouse to reach them, and some functions actually require the mouse to be off to make a selection.  It will become more clear which is which after you use the remote for awhile.

Air Mouse

There is a mouse button on the air mouse that turns the mouse function on/off. For some applications like Live TV you will need to turn the mouse on/off depending on what you are doing. We note these exceptions in Live TV.

To move the mouse on the screen just hold down the arrow keys.

It also has volume down/up buttons.

The back-arrow key is used to exit out of applications.

The menu button (3 horizontal lines) is used to exit Live TV.

Bad news: the Air Mouse will turn off your Android box. It won’t, however, turn it on. Best strategy is to not turn off your box. It will go into sleep mode and consume very little energy.

Other Remote

The other remote simply works with the arrow keys. It can turn the box on/off.

Main Screen

When you first turn on the Android box you will see two menu items: Terrarium TV and Live Channels. Terrarium is like a giant PVR. Virtually all tv shows/movies can be found (there are exceptions like the daily soaps which are not on Terrarium). Live Channels is best used for live sports like NHL, NFL, etc. There is also a square (rubiks cube) icon in the top right corner for other applications.

Terrarium TV

When you want to watch recorded Movies or TV shows you click Terrarium TV.

A screen with either tv shows or movies will appear. To switch between tv shows and movies click the menu icon in top left part of screen (it is 3 horizontal lines). Click either Movies or TV shows.

To play a movie or tv show simply click on the one you want. For tv shows you will have to pick the season and episode. Note that once you start a tv series Terrarium will remember where you are.

Once you have selected what you want to watch click the play button in the top right corner. You will be presented with the active streams for this movie/tv show. Here’s how to make your choice.

First, if possible always choose a stream where the name in brackets is either Google Video or CDN. These work the best. If they are not available choose another and make note of those that don’t work.

Then look at the file size (at the end). If your internet speed is less than 50 mbps choose a stream less than 400 MB. If you have faster internet (50 mbps+) you can choose videos greater than 400 MB.

Here’s an example of what you will see.

HD – FliXanityBased [GoogleVideo] [436 MB]

This stream is excellent if you have more than 50 mbps but will not work well at slower internet speeds.

Another example

HQ – FliXanity [CDN] [186]

This stream will work at slower internet speeds.

Once you select a stream let Terrarium load it (it may take 20-30 seconds at most). Just after it starts hit the pause button (hit the Enter key which brings up the Pause icon). Let the show pause for 20-30 seconds – this will reduce buffering or freezing. You will see the program loading along the time line.

When you are done with Terrarium hit the back-arrow key on your remote 2-3 times to exit the application. Never leave Terrarium running after you are done.

Getting More Video Links for Terrarium TV

The ALLUC website will give you access to more video links for Terrarium tv.

It’s free. Go to the following website and sign up for an account.

They will give you an Alluc API key. Write this down.

Go to Terrarium tv and click the menu button in top left corner.

Scroll down to Settings and select it.

Scroll down in Settings until you see Alluc API Key.

Click this and enter the API key.

Exit out of Settings by using the back-arrow key.

You will now have access to more links each day.

Live Channels

Live tv is a paid subscription service. This is provided through a 3rd party that is independent of Pied Piper.

Live tv costs $16 per month or $130 per year for a service known as Ace Premium (it has everything you want including all live sports (NFL, NHL, NBA, pay per view events, etc.), news channels, entertainment channels and much more)).

After your free trial you need to go to and contact the provider. You will need your MAG address.

To watch Live tv click the Live Channels menu option.

Turn off your mouse to scroll through the channels.

When you are done with Live tv hit the menu button on your remote (the three horizontal lines). A drop-down menu will appear. Click Exit to shut down the operation.

Time Shifting on Live TV  (DVR)

Ace TV has a nice time shifting option which makes it a giant DVR for certain channels.

If you would like to view a program that you missed, you may be able to view a time-shifted version.

Any channel with a little rewind clock beside it is capable of time shifting back 7 days.

Navigate to one of the channels with the clock beside it and press the right arrow key.

This will bring you to a program for the specific channel.

Simply navigate using the arrow keys to whichever day of programming you would like to view on the left and then to the specific show you would like to watch.

Click the program and it should load that specific show (allow sometime for it to load).

Favourites  (or Favorites if you live south of the border :)

Ace TV also lets you identify your favourite stations.

Navigate to the channel that you would like to favourite.

Activate the cursor button (turn the mouse on) and click somewhere on the screen so that the coloured overlay buttons appear.

Click the large orange button with the cursor; you should notice a star come up beside the tv channel.

Repeat for all the channels that you would like to favourite.

To see your favourites activate the cursor again and click on the big green button this time.

This should activate a menu with 3 options: By title, By Number, Only Favourites.

Use the arrow keys to navigate down to Only Favourites (click that – note you will have to deactivate the mouse to make this selection).

If you favourite multiple channels in different categories, you can use the “All” category option to see them all in one place.

If you would like to add more channels to your favourites, simply re-sort using the green button mentioned above and choose “by number” or “by title” to see all available channels again.

Each time you enter Live tv you will need to activate your favourite list by clicking the mouse button and then choosing “Only Favourites”.

Square Menu Button (upper right corner)  (looks like a Rubiks Cube)

In this menu we have various programs most of which you will never use but will be handy if there is a problem. For example, adult content is also available. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see VideoDevil. For obvious reasons we hide it. (Canadian boxes only). 

We also have various utilities here that we use to keep your system running well.  You can select SD Maid to clean out your memory of excess stored video clips.  Down the left side of the menu, you can "clean apps" and Clean system"  These are the only two that we use to free up memory.

Manage Your Expectations

No Android box is perfect. Nor is your internet service. Nor are the providers who supply movies/tv shows or Live tv. You will have some buffering and/or freezing from time to time. There are three reasons for this none of which relate to the Pied Piper Android box.

Variable internet – even though you may pay for 100 mbps, for example, there are times when the service will drop substantially and affect performance.

There may be a lot of people simultaneously watching what you are watching degrading performance.

The provider’s link may not be good
– keep track of the good providers to minimize this.

Enjoy.  After you experience using the box for some time, you will be hooked on it.  No other TV service provides so much entertainment for so little money.  

To activate new service, text your MAC address to 702 630 2764.  This address should be on the unit underside.  It will be six Hex numbers separated by colons.  Here is a sample  00:1A:79:E4:C8:55   

Then, make a Paypal payment to  Send $13 USD for each month you wish to be active.  This will not auto renew.  There are no contracts to sign.

As soon as I receive your payment, you will be activated.  Watch the videos.