To get Beast go to the following website and buy a 1 month subscription. Do NOT buy any more than 1 month – you cannot trust IPTV providers. If you know your MAC use it – otherwise just leave it blank.

Once they have set up a subscription they will email you. In one of the emails is your password for Beast IPTV. Write that down.

Now go to your Android – main screen.
Scroll down to Filelinked (if it is not there go to Chrome and type Filelinked into Google and download it).

You will be asked for a code: enter: 99725062 and then hit “Continue”

A page will come up showing the apps.
Hit “Dismiss” when asked about the newsletter.
To the far right of Beast is a large down arrow icon with a bar underneath it.

Click that. Beast will download.

There will now be an arrow icon pointing to the right: Click that.
In the bottom right corner click “Install”
When it installs click “Open” (bottom right corner).

You will be taken to the Login page of Beast. Enter your email address and your password (this is the password you get from them when you sign up). This password is NOT the same password you use for your Beast services account (where you pay) It is the one they email you when your service is activated.

When you get into Beast for the first time download the EPG (this is the tv guide).

To exit Filelinked click the back-arrow key and say “Yes” to a New code. Then use the back-arrow key again.

You now need to put Beast on the Main Screen
Click menu button (3 horizontal lines) top left.
Click Settings and scroll down to “Lock screen.” Turn that off.
Go back to the main screen (back-arrow key on remote).
Click the “+” sign.
Click “Applications”
Scroll down and click the Beast application.
Use back arrow key to get to main screen.

The Beast icon should be there.

For movies and TV, download Cyberflix at the same website you went to on Filelinked.


Update your Pied Piper TV Box here.  The instructions are below.  The link to sign up for a subscription is here.  Note:  We do not own nor get any payments from the Live TV websites.  You are on your own to sign up at your own risk.  Do not buy more than at a month at a time.  The present service is BEAST and it's $15 a month USD.